• 1560 XS Foam is a high quality, Non-Alcohol based foamer with exceptional solids carrying capacity developed for use in mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration and water well drilling operations.
  • 1560 XS Foam has good inhibition properties that minimize the formation damage and swelling caused by water infiltration.
  • 1560 XS Foam has a half-life of approximately seven minutes when used in fresh water in concentrations up to 3% by volume. This half-life can be adjusted to meet any particular need by combining the foamer with other Matex viscosifying agents
  • 1560 XS Foam gives immediate tight foam (compact bubbles) with good lifting characteristics
  • 1560 XS Foam can be enhanced by the addition of Matex Hole Control or Ultravis to create significantly stiffer foam if required

Normal Drilling Conditions: 0.5% – 1.5% by volume Excessive Water Influx: 2.0% – 3.0% by volume
Dosages will depend on chemical make-up of the drilling water, volume of water used, and the depth of the hole.

**For specific information, or difficult drilling conditions, please contact your local distributor or Control Chemical by telephone or e-mail.**


1560 XS