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Control Chemical’s basic philosophy is to promote proper use of its MATEX products in the field to ensure maximum core recovery, improved production and extended tool life, which leads to reduced overall drilling costs, increasing profits.

ClassroomOur state of the art classroom was designed to accommodate up to forty participants per session. Our training facility includes two 60″ TVs and one 110″ projection TV. A pull-down screen can be utilized to draw on erasable diagrams to enhance discussion and allow the presenter to emphasize a point of interest with the projected image as a background.

Two miniature glass mixing systems provide invaluable insight as to what is happening in the mix tank. The ability to observe the mixing action within the tank greatly helps in reducing product wastage due to poor agitation or improper introduction of product(s) into the tank.

This opportunity provides participants to get “hands-on” experience working with the products in the mixing stage as well as they are taught how to use measuring devices and how they relate to performance criteria. Each person is provided with course material to take with them for future reference. Participation by attendees is encouraged so ideas and experiences can be shared.

The extensive use of both animated and actual field result videos further demonstrate and improve understanding of how MATEX products work to maximize the benefits of a proper drilling fluid system.

Control Chemical’s Team is experienced in the Diamond Drilling and Air Drilling industries which is the main focus of the sessions. This applies to exploration, construction, mining production blast hole, geothermal drilling and more. Private Corporate training courses can be designed to accommodate a Company’s needs or special projects.
As a reflection of the international market that Matex products covers, to name a few, previous sessions have hosted participants worldwide from Australia, Chile, Peru, Mongolia, South Africa, Turkey, Philippines, France, Norway, Colombia and the USA.

Please remember to bring your camera as pictures and videos are encouraged!