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Eliminates the need for dust collectors during drilling operations. 

DUST – LESS is a mixture of vegetable oils and synthetic chemistry that makes drill water both oily and viscous. This combination causes dust particles to adhere to each other and stick to walls of the borehole.
DUST – LESS  increases the size of cutting therefore reducing fine particles of dust.
DUST – LESS   significantly impacts waters ability to reduce dust.
DUST – LESS is easily mixed into the drilling water tank while filling.  Agitation with air is also effective.
DUST – LESS  eliminates maintenance costs associated with dust collectors.

Suggested Dosage

2-3 quarts / 150-200 gallons

Use Hole Control 100-50 to gain same dust control results with added benefits of:

Hole stabilization
Collaring Holes easily
Reduced re-drills

**For specific information, or difficult drilling conditions, please contact your local distributor or Control Chemical by telephone or e-mail.**

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