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DD 2000

An environmentally safe dry powdered polymer.  DD 2000 is mixed with Torqueless and water to create a very high viscosity drilling fluid used for removal of cuttings and continuous borehole wall conditioning.

  • DD 2000 is an environmentally safe, very high molecular weight, powdered viscosifier that can be used in either fresh or brine water.
  • DD 2000 imparts excellent viscosity yield.  It is a superior product for borehole stabilization and encapsulation of solids.
  • DD 2000 is effective in drilling conditions where borehole temperatures exceed 150° F.
  • DD 2000 reduces transportation costs for drilling because of its concentrated nature.
  • DD 2000 combined with Torqueless enhances your core recovery and penetration rates

Suggested Dosage

DD 2000 should always be premixed with TORQUELESS, the recommended ratio is one part DD 2000 to two parts TORQUELESS.  The DD 2000 premix is then introduced into the mixing system with water.

The recommended dosage of DD 2000 is from;

1-2 litres per 1000 litres of water.
1-2 quarts per 250 gallons of water.

**For specific information, or difficult drilling conditions, please contact your local distributor or Control Chemical by telephone or e-mail.**.

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