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ES Thread Compound

An environmentally safe vegetable oil based replacement for the present pipe dopes that contain heavy metals and petroleum carriers

  • THREAD COMPOUND ES’s unique formulation provides excellent protection against thread wear, galling and seizing for tool joints, drill collars and rotary shouldered connections.
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES is free of both petroleum oil carriers and all heavy metals, such as lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, etc.
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES is highly resistant to water wash off.
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES is ideal for mineral exploration drilling projects wheresamples uncontaminated by heavy metals are required, and groundwater contamination is of concern to the mining company.
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES should be a preferred thread compound for all drilling applications including water wells etc.
  • THREAD COMPOUND ES protects inner and outer connections on reverse circulation drill pipe (inner o-rings and thread connections).

Packaging: 25lb pail

Trials Method Values
NLGI N° —— 1.5
Penetration at 25 °C, 0,1 mm ASTM-D 217 295/340
Not worked —— ——
Worked —— 300
Structure —— Soft
Color —— Light Black
Drop Point >343

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