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Clay Break

A drilling fluids thinner which lowers fluid viscosity and gel strengths of all conventional drilling fluids

GREAT FOR ELIMINATING IN HOLE MUD RINGS.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: CLAY BREAK drilling fluids thinner is an environmentally safe, synthetic organic liquid polymer which lowers mud viscosity and gel strengths of all conventional water based drilling muds. CLAY BREAK also aids in filtration control and can be used to overcome differential sticking of rods as well as treating mud rings.

CLAY BREAK best followed with Torqueless to prevent re-establishment of bit balling and mud rings.

Suggested Dosage

1. FOR DIFFERENTIAL STICKING: Mix a slug of CLAY BREAK in a 1:3 ratio with water. Pump slug down rods and back up annulus to area of sticking. Apply torque and tension to rods. If rods do not come free immediately, allow at least one hour for product to work. If not free in one hour, repeat the above procedure using a slightly higher concentration of product.

2. FOR GENERAL THINNING: Due to drilling fluid composition and drilling conditions, these dosages may vary.

2 cups of CLAY BREAK to 250 gallons of water

½ litre of CLAY BREAK to 1000 litres of water.

**For specific information, or difficult drilling conditions, please contact your local distributor or Control Chemical by telephone or e-mail.**

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