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  • RDO 302 ES (MW) is a unique product developed for all types of drilling where rock drill oils are used, such as D.T.H., air tracks percussive drills, casing drivers and top hammers to save wear and improve their performance.
  • RDO 302 ES (MW) reduces the potential of surface or groundwater environmental damage during mining production, mineral exploration, construction of roads and pipelines, quarrying, water well drilling, and oil and gas exploration.
  • RDO 302 ES (MW)   has proprietary lubricating compounds that are not washed off by moisture, thus offering protection when drilling with water.  Rust does not develop on internal parts when the hammer is not used. Lubrication can be better controlled and consumption reduced by using RDO 302 ES.
  • RDO 302 ES (MW) has a special filming additive that prevents piston scuffing and heat build up. Purchase of internal hammer parts is reduced dramatically.
  • RDO 302 ES (MW) has a viscosity that allows the lubricant to flow freely to areas requiring lubrication. Use in all in-line lubricators or as a batch lubricant poured down the drill pipe
  • RDO 302 ES (MW) provides an environmentally safe product that lubricates more effectively than conventional Rock Drill Oils while reducing contamination of surface and groundwaters.  Particularly suited for drilling in sensitive areas such as adjacent to streams and lakes, or where groundwater protection is important.
  • RDO 302 ES (MW)  is particularly suitable for drilling uncontaminated WATER WELLS AND MONITOR WELLS. Also available as a soluble lubricant. *RDO 302 ES MW is specifically for monitor well use. Environmental data available upon request. Chemical parameters available upon request.


•    Viscosity @ 100C: 8.42 Cst.
@ 40C: 46.0 Cst.
•    Specific Gravity @ 25C: 0.907
•    VI:    214
•    Pour Point:  -36 degrees Celcius – winter grade
•    Flash Point: 292C
•    LC50:  10,000 ppm+
•    Heavy Metals: none
•    Active Ingredients:  5 –10 %

Suggested Dosage

Use in all in-line lubricators or as a batch lubricant poured down the drill pipe.

**For specific information, or difficult drilling conditions, please contact your local distributor or Control Chemical by telephone or e-mail.**