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Sand Seal

  • SAND SEAL is a unique blend of synthetic polymers providing a drilling fluid capable of stabilizing the most difficult sand conditions.  Due to smooth bore hole, rod and bit wear are drastically reduced.
  • SAND SEAL has effectively stopped shifting sands from collapsing into the bore hole.
  • SAND SEAL is not affected by high water temperatures or salt water.
  • SAND SEAL eliminates the need to use Bentonite, thus reducing disposal problems and transportation costs.
  • SAND SEAL reduces the risk of hole failure when leaving bore hole open for extended periods.
  • SAND SEAL works alone without requiring a complicated multi-component mud system.
  • SAND SEAL increases productivity and profits.

Suggested Dosage

SAND SEAL  ½ litre – 1 litre of product per 1000 l of water, (1/2 – 1qt – 250 gallons).  Shifting sands may require a stronger dosage.